Today, I Freaked A Little!

I was watching some YouTube videos that fans did of the NFC Championship game and they were showing the last series when Favre threw the painful interception. I had to pause and slow down the video a few times, to get a grasp on what I was seeing. If anyone recorded the game or if you YouTube the Packers, you will see that final play and why it was so heart breaking today, when I looked at it again, over and over. Ryan Grant was WIDE OPEN!!! If Brett would of done a little dump off, I am pretty sure he was GONE! If he would not of scored there, he would have for sure been in field goal range. It took me a few minutes to get back to reality, of how close we were to going to the Super Bowl! Well, enough on the dwelling part, time to move on! If anyone sees that video, please tell me different, that he was not open, and Brett made the right read!

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