Way To Go Eli!

Wow, what a Super Bowl! I can actually say it was a pretty intense game. Carla, my lovely wife and I did a little cheering for the Giants, only because we believe the NFC should own the Super Bowl trophy this year, not the AFC. And after beating my Packers, the Cowboys, etc. on the road the Giants showed that they we're well deserving of the win! Who would of thought that the Giants would win 11 straight games on the road, and that Eli Manning would be the Super Bowl MVP, a year after his brother had the same honor. And that it was done against a team that was undefeated and 18-0 going into the game, totally incredible! I had a smile on my face after the game, and it was not because of the lame commercials this year! Really the only ad that I thought was cool was the E-Trade spot with the baby talking and him throwing up on the keyboard and him renting a clown, good stuff! Well I just wanted to say a congrats to the victors, The "G men" you guys did the unthinkable!

Michael Strahan, you can retire now with a ring on your finger, Mass Props! As for Junior Seau, great game, you'll make the Hall of Fame so for now just be happy for that! And to Randolph Moss; a loss is a loss, and this one hurt real bad! I would of wanted to loose the third game of the season, if it meant not having that BIG block on your shoulders that everyone wanted to knock off! Here's to the PRO BOWL, next weekend! See ya there!

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