Say It Is Not True! Favre Retires.

After laying in bed very sick yesterday, and watching the tube most of the day, I started getting several phone calls and text messages to see if I was on suicide watch. So today, I thought I would post a blog saying I knew this day was coming.  I really thought that it would be next year, but then again, I guess Brett had his own agenda for calling it quits.  It is just kind of weird that every sports channel spoke of him in a manner that he was already dead and gone. It was a Favre tribute day. 
Let me first say, if Brett retired just because we did not get Randy Moss, that is a sad, sad reason.  I really love our receivers, and I don't think any others in our conference are better than Jennings, Driver, Jones, and Robinson.  
I want to say, I have watched every down Brett has played.  But let me also say I have seen some other great quarterbacks play for the Packers.  Lynn Dickie, remember Don "The Majik-Man" was pretty awesome too, if he did not get hurt that game in 92', who knows, he could of lead the Packers to a Super Bowl. Then again, I have seen some very bad quarterbacks for the Packers, such as Anthony Dilweg, T.J. Rubley.  Oh man, the pain I have went through.  And I am truly hoping that Aaron Rodgers can make this team competitive.
After hearing several analysis about the reasons that Brett might of called it quits, to some still thinking he might return before the start of the season, I just want to say, once you commit to retirement, stick to it.  Yes, Brett deserves to make up his mind in a timely fashion, but you can't hold the team hostage every year, saying I will get back to you if I am retiring.  How many years do we as fans sit and wait for his decision?  Maybe I come back, maybe I don't!  Favre can still play, I have no doubt about that, but leaving it all on the table and not giving it one last shot, to me is the easy way out!  Oh, the time, the mental stress, Brett I will switch with you in a heartbeat!  If all I had to do was play football, think about football, talk about football, I would switch my life with yours in a second.  It is what you know, what you love to do, why make it sound like it is boring and old to you now? You are only 38 the same age as myself, we also have two daughters, and I know they love watching the Packers and Brett Favre play, why not take one more shot at the Super Bowl, a farewell tour so to speak!
Well I am still kind of out of my mind on meds, so I don't know if this makes much sense, I know it is all over the place.  I just wanted to say; Brett it has been a privilege to watch you play, and I hope you and your family the best in whatever you choose to do now that football is out of your life.  I know I will and the rest of the Packers Nation still be cheering every Sunday for a Packers victory, with whomever we have at the QB position.  May your life be filled with much happiness.  Ironic that Brett retires on the 4th of March huh, with 4 being his number?

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