The Packer Fan Laugh Your A** Off Jokes!

What do you call a MN Viking with a Super Bowl Ring? A Thief!

What do you call a Viking with a NEW stadium? The L.A. Vikings!

A Bears Fan, A Vikings Fan and a Packer Fan where in Iraq when they found a crate of fine booze. They all agreed and decided to enjoy there discovery. But they were caught and sentenced to 20 lashings from the government for the crime, they had committed. But it being the leaders birthday, he decided to give them all one wish. The Bears fan was first, as he drank almost a fifth by himself. I wish for a pillow to be tied behind my back. Granted, but the pillow only lasted 10 whips and he was carried away crying like a baby. Next was the Vikings fans turn, as he drank almost a gallon of the good stuff himself. He wished for 2 pillows to be tied behind his back. Granted, but the pillows only lasted 15 whips and he too started crying like a baby and was carried off. Next was the Packer Fan, he finished off the crate almost by himself. The leader said, You, being the Ultimate Fan of the Greatest Football Team on Earth, I will grant you 2 wishes! The Packer fan asked that he receive 100 lashings for his crime. The Leader said, he was a very brave and strong fan, But what shall be your second wish? The Packer Fan said, I wish that the Vikings Fan be tied to my back, GRANTED!

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