Monday Morning: Pack 27- Eagles 20

Well the Packers started off the season in the right manner, with a victory. Even though there were many mistakes in the season opener, there were many pluses also. One topic that had been addressed all training camp was the return game and that had to be the biggest impact in Sunday’s game. Packers wide receiver Jordy Nelson, who registered a career-high 31.2-yard average (min. three attempts) on five returns. Jordy helped put the Packers offense in great field position and helped give the Packers an opportunity to score with those awesome returns. With Nelson handling those duties for the season is one less worry about the team. Tarmon Williams did a fair job of keeping his eyes on the ball and not muffing any punt returns or letting anything get past him, another win for the team and a problem that the Packers addressed in the win over Philly.

A great individual performance by Mason Crosby who connected on the 56-yarder, topping the franchise mark of 54 yards set by Chris Jacke, Ryan Longwell and Dave Rayner, that put the Pack up by 10 at halftime 13-3. What made the kick even more impressive was the fact that Crosby thought a Philadelphia player got a piece of the ball before it sailed through the uprights, it could of been good from 60! The Packers had not won a game in Philadelphia since 1962, so that cloud has risen and the streak has been broken. Another positive to take from the game.

Clay Matthews, aka The Clay Maker was OUTSTANDING! With just four days of practice last week and heading into Sunday’s game, Matthews didn’t show any signs of rust as he led the defense with seven tackles, two sacks, two quarterback hits and a forced fumble, and made the biggest stop of the game to preserve the 27-20 victory. He stated after the game “I didn’t think I played my best ball. Obviously I had four weeks off and limited work, but at the same time I thought I did some good things out there. There are always ways to improve and that’s what I look to do.” The good Lord only knows what this young man can do and if it is only the beginning for him, we would hate to be an opposing QB in the NFL. Just watch the replay of him tackling Kevin Kolb from behind and plowing his helmet into the grass, we mean Kolb's helmet actually made a corn row in the grass and his face mask had the proof after, unbelievable! (Kolb did not return to the game after that with a concussion and that opened the door for the M.Vick tricks to come into play.)

If it was not for Vick entering the game, it would of been more of a one sided game, as Vick was running for his life and using his talents of such, to put a good scare into the Packer faithful. But then again, The Clay Maker made sure all the hard work in the game paid off for the entire Packers team. ( What about Frank Zombo getting his first sack as a rookie? Another nickname coming?)

“I played terrible,” Rodgers said. “Probably about as bad as I can play, so that’s a good thing (that we still won). Gotta get better. Missed a lot of throws … that I make in my sleep, so I’m disappointed about that. He said; “It’s disappointing as a quarterback playing the way I did because I felt like we could have put a lot more points on the board and given our defense more of a break.”

The game did have it's toll on some Packer players too. RB Ryan Grant left the game with an ankle injury and Cullen Jenkins played the rest of the game with a broken left hand, which was taped like a club. And Justin Harrell had a knee injury.

So the thoughts is a win, some good moments, some scary moments, some exciting moments. Hopefully we address our mistakes and put the past behind us and move forward with a huge victory in the home opener against the Buffalo Bills on Sunday.


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