My Blood Runs Green & Gold (Song)

We love this song and know the lyrics, but can't remember who sings or who performs it.
Any help would be appreciated. It goes like this:

The Green Bay Packers play pro football
They're the best team to come, from out of the North
With 12 Championships, the most in football 
The other teams are jealous, so I am told

Chorus: You Play 16 weeks and what do you get
A chance in the playoffs to show them who's the best
St. Vincent if you call me, then I've gotta go
Cause the blood in my veins, runs Green & Gold

The Packers are the only team that owned by it's FANS
A part of Wisconsin, from the great Northland
The Green & Gold play for glory they say
And if God had a team it would be in Green Bay
When you play for the Packers, you're the best in the game
You have a chance of getting into two Hall of Fames
You become a legend, they'll talk about for years
Where ever people gather for brats and beer
Now listen people, to what I got to say
Cause the BEST team in sports, lives in Green Bay
They play real hard, they play from their gut
And if you don't like this team, hey, kiss my butt
The blood in my veins runs Green & Gold

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