Oh No..Not Again!?

Twitter and the web were full of Fire TT & MM this morning and last night after the game. Really that is not the answer at this time. One reason has been the poor officiating. Rodgers has been late hit a number of times and no calls, that is uncalled for! Calling an illegal formation on a punt on a guy that was playing in his first career NFL game, is not right. He was lined up over the center, but was a good yard away and that should not have been a flag. The Packers have had some bad offensive series and that comes with giving Aaron some time to throw the ball or find a lane. He can not hold it for so long, as that is getting him in trouble, he needs to throw it away if he can't find anyone open. DE Cameron Wake had three sacks for the Dolphins, who was being blocked by rookie Bryan Bulaga. The Dolphins sacked Rodgers five times, that kills any momentum the Packers might get going.

ESPN reports GB and Dallas have discussed trade for Marion Barber today, they also signed Anthony Smith because Bigby might not be ready. This is a good step how? Well any new life into a football team that is down on their luck can help build a new excitement in the locker room and that will show on the field. Ahman would be a nice addition just for support, but that can't happen until he is done with his UFL contract.

The wonder for the last few weeks has been how many more injuries the Green Bay Packers can absorb. But now the more pertinent question is how many more down-to-the-wire defeats can one team take. Sunday’s 23-20 overtime loss to the Miami Dolphins at Lambeau Field was the Packers’ third loss in their last four games, all on last-play field goals and the last two in overtime. The defeat drops the Packers to 3-3, not at all where they envisioned sitting after a 2-0 start.

Linebacker Brad Jones said. “We can’t have any more losses. We can’t lose to teams that we should beat. Miami is a good team, but we know what type of team we have, and even with all the injuries we do have, we still know what type of team we are, and we shouldn’t have losses like that.” That’s been the refrain after each of the three close defeats, all by three points – at Chicago on a Monday night, at Washington in overtime last week, and then at home against Miami following an intense and physically and emotionally draining fourth quarter and overtime session on Sunday.

Punter Tim Masthay has been punting very poorly lately and that has hurt the field position. Our return game is very skeptic right now. We need to keep Tramon back there on kickoffs and punt returns. No more Jordy Nelson or Pat Lee or anybody else that is afraid to run hard and take a whack if need be. And we need to convert on third downs! It was a second straight abysmal day on third downs (3-for-13, after going 2-for-13 last week at Washington) and five sacks of Rodgers (18-of-33, 313 yards, 1 TD, 1 INT, 84.5 rating) led to a nearly 10-minute disadvantage in time of possession (37:56 to 28:03) that is absolutely uncalled for and needs to be corrected before the third place ChoKings come into Lambeau next Sunday Night. If the VikQueens beat the Packers, they will be in second place after starting 1-3. Talk about a beat down mentally in the locker room, that will do it!

The Packers can get it right and hopefully this week with Al Harris and Atari Bigby coming off the PUP, our defense can be dominate again. “We have a little time, but time is of the essence,” Jennings said. “Every win is important. When it comes down to it end of the year, these are the type of games this week, last week, Chicago, those are the types of games you look back and say, ‘Man, if we could have got that one, where would we have possibly, potentially been?’”

Heros: Jennings for having 6 for 133 yards and his 86 yard TD. Tramon for his interception. Rodgers for keeping his head and getting us first downs on fourth downs and his TD in the final seconds to force OT again. Desmond Bishop for his strong play.

Boos: Masthay for his poor punting, really Tim, just kick it as hard as you can ALL the TIME! And to our running game, which was doing fine until the end of the game and then it disappeared.

Just praying for a WIN against the stupid ChoKings! Good Thoughts, Thinking Good Thoughts!

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