A Loss Stings...But Still A Good Team.

Ok, so we lost. But I am over this one rather quickly. I knew this game was going to be a great game, even before both of us started the NFL season. I can say a lot about our Packers and this team as a whole, and I would continue to say they are nothing but amazing. Even with all the....(Injuries, Lack of Running Game, Having No Special Teams).

This is a game that we were not ourselves. First off, Coach McCarthy is great at tossing the Red Challenge Flag. That had to be simply a communication error? They were in the visitors booth. But did it cost us the game? Absolutely not.

Aaron fumbling the ball in the endzone, was a very unfortunate play. A better call should have been made there. It was ripe for a sucessful bootleg. To Aaron's credit though, he was the only RB that we had during the game. And I like "Action Jackson" he is a solid contributor, but he just needs to get some pitchouts, tosses or sweeps to the outside. Inside/Off-Tackle runs are not Jackson's bread and better plays. That reminds me, when was the last time that we used a good screen pass play? The little flea-flicker play was interesting, but do we really need trick plays to beat good teams already?

As for the stupid penalties, well they hurt. Just like all of our penalities. But Matt Wilhelm facemask on the kick off return, stung a little more, as 15 yards is a big chunk to get back. And it put them almost instantly into field goal territory. People have been saying that Wilhelms penalty was a good play, as Eric Weems would of went further down the field, and might had even scored. These to me are "If's & But's". A squib kick would of been a better choice here and a defensive stop would of put us in the OT. Penalty's add yards and give momentum to opposing teams, they are not good decisions. Consider it a mistake and move forward at getting better at finding and filling your lanes on Special Team Returns. Packers coach Mike McCarthy said "The penalties were unacceptable, You can't have them." Tru Dat! Tru Dat!

Matt Bryant’s 47-yard field goal with nine seconds remaining gave the NFC-leading Falcons (9-2) the 20-17 victory over Green Bay at the Georgia Dome in front of 68,204, snapping the Packers’ four-game winning streak and extending Atlanta’s winning streak to five. The loss dropped Green Bay to 7-4 on the season and moved them into second place in the NFC North behind the Bears (8-3) after Chicago beat Philadelphia on Sunday. All four of the Packers’ losses this season have been by three points.

“At 7-4, we still have a lot of football in front of us, but we need to get this next one, because now we’re into December football,” McCarthy said. “There are no redo’s or ‘Hey, we can get ‘em next week.’ We’ve been playing good football, and we did a lot of positive things today, a lot of positive play from a number of different players. “You have to play big at the adverse times in the game. We talk about adversity play calls on offense, we talk about playing adversity defense – and actually, we’ve been playing outstanding adversity defense throughout the year – and the big play on special teams definitely hurt us there at the end.”

Heros: Aaron Rodgers (26-of-35, 344 yards), and working out of the no-huddle, as well as. for making plays with his feet he had 51 yards! WR Jordy Nelson for making some incredible catches and giving us a chance to possibly win the game. Jennings with a couple nice grabs. Jones for his effort.

Boos: For the stupid penalty's. For not getting a booth review on two critical plays. For the fumble in the end zone. And for not tackling a RB and letting Turner get 110 yards. The lack of a pass rush, Clay where were you? We did not force a turnover either. The Packers better watch out for Gore next week. Let's right this ship now and move on.

Let's GO! PACK GO! Win The Next One At HOME! Steal Some Gold From the 49ers.

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