Pack Destroy Vikes 31-3!

Yes! Yes! It is about time that we finally took two games from the Vikings in a season. And it was pretty comforting to see Favre struggling again, but what was even better, was watching how well Aaron played. It just goes to show that Rodgers is the future and Favre is the past. The two years that Favre has sported the ugly purple uniform he has stuck it to the Pack and tried to rub it in our faces. Well after yesterdays game, his record against the Pack is 2-2. To me that is a "wash". Now, had he beat us, he would of been 3-1 and he would be rubbing it in our faces again. I can see him now at the podium saying...."I knew I had stuff left in the tank and that is why I keep playing." But that did not happen and Favre's time and his tank are running on empty, as well as, his stronghold on the Packers and some of his biggest fans. But thanks 4 the memories, as they say.

The Packers have weathered the storm left by quarterback Brett Favre's departure, emerging a stronger and more complete team than they were in his final season with them, but anyone who watched the Packers' aggression also had to feel their glee on Sunday. Green Bay Packers (7-3) remain entwined in a two-team race with the Chicago Bears for the NFC North title. But for the briefest of moments Sunday, I think everyone associated with the Packers accepted and thoroughly enjoyed the significance of their 31-3 dismantling of the Vikings (3-7).

"The best thing about a game like today," the Packers' cornerback said, "is at the end of the game watching their fans leave. If you come in and do that, you've done your job. ... That's what happens when you come in and dominate. That felt good." And the Packers defense with the help of Woodson did a amazing job as McCarthy chose to put the Packers defense, which has now limited opponents to 10 points in its past three games in control. Mike said "I've never deferred a coin toss in my career here in MN." But it worked out perfectly!

CB Charles Woodson got it started by stripping Vikings RB Toby Gerhart and the Packers recovered and went in for a tying field goal making it 3-3. Then the Packers took control. CB Tramon Williams interception of Favre was another key play for the defense and that play sparked a heated sideline exchange between Favre and Vikings offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell. Favre has caused the Packers so many headaches over the past few years, reaching a height during last season's sweep, and we all should be allowed a moment for some sadistic pleasure in his professional demise, just saying. I still think he is an incredible football player, and he will be in Canton and the Packers HOF, but the respect for him is simply faded.

Heros: Rodgers went 22 for 31 for 301 yards, with three of his four touchdown passes going to Greg Jennings. He beat Favre for the second time this season and sent Green Bay to a 31-3 victory over melting-down Minnesota. Greg Jennings for finally getting his TD's that he has wanted so much this season. It just goes to show that when one player is out of it, covered, hurt whatever, that can be your time to shine! On that note, how about James Jones. He is coming through with some nice grabs and being a difference maker. Tramon of course for the INT. Charles for the heads up strip of the ball. Nance and Jackson for pounding the rock and making positive yards. And a nice job by Quickie, aka Don, for getting back on track and making a few grabs.

Boos: For the whole entire Vikings Team. Including the Equipment Manager, who can't spell Williams correctly. Literally, that is really messed up!

So here we go off to Atlanta on a four game winning streak and if we can take one from the Falcons on the road, we are truly a special football team this year. For further proof guys just listen to your coach....
"We're a good football team," McCarthy said. "We've always known that we were a good football team. We've got our foot on the gas, hands on the wheel and we're looking straight ahead."


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