The Packers Bros. Super Bowl

The Packer Bros. Celebrating The Packer Super Bowls Victories in 96' & 10'

Words or even the photos above can tell you how excited my brother Jason and I were for this day to come around again. I mean, 13 years to get back to another Super Bowl is an incredibly long time, not to mention 14 years to celebrate another Packers Super Bowl Victory together! It was like, a dream come true.

On that Packers Super Bowl Sunday, we shared sometime in my Packer Shrine, reminiscing on how hard that we both worked on getting "The Shrine" ready to go before the start of the Packers 98' season. Back then there was less stuff on the walls and less collectable merchandise in the cabinets, but as I told my bro, this is what we had worked so hard for, so many years ago. That this was the place we needed to be, to truly enjoy another Packers Super Bowl Victory as fans and Packer Bros!

During our pre-game party, we talked and thought of all the pervious years that we spent celebrating in "The Shrine", with all those close games that ended with us hugging and high-fiving, to those games were we would throw stuff at the big screen and spike our Cheeseheads on the floor! We also chatted about all the cool places we had been together to watch the Packers games over the last 10+ years, which there have been many, and all of them with some really amazing Packer Fans!

But to finally have another Packers Super Bowl Victory come to an amazing end in "The Shrine" and to be celebrating it with my "little" brother is another great moment that I will NEVER forget and one that I really hope we can do next year!

Love Ya Bro! GO! PACK GO!

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