Thank You Packer Fans!

A BIG THANKS to all that have visited this website so far! This is still a work in progress and hopefully it will only get better, as the next Super Bowl season approaches! This website is dedicated to you, The Packer Fans, to ALL the Fans that buy ALL the merchandise, that display their Packer Pride throughout the WHOLE year, year after year, WIN or lose! You are the Ultimate Packer Fan and you ONLY Bleed Green and Gold! And when we see another Packer Fan, we always smile, shake hands or high five, and leave the friendly conversation with GO! PACK GO!

Unfortunately, not everyone has a chance to become a "Packer Fan Hall of Fame" member, but on this website you, The Packer Fan MATTER! Because so many of you have awesome stories, cool and rare Packer stuff, and this is the place to share, brag about it, or simply post it on our Facebook Fan Page by clicking here: We Are Packer Fans!

We will soon be hosting a PACKER FAN of the Month contest, to highlight and introduce YOU to the entire Packer Nation throughout the entire off-season and during the upcoming 2011 regular season as well. So Packer Fans get your camera, and your typing fingers ready and start sharing your LOVE for the Packers with the WORLD!

Remember everybody even your Vikings/Bears/Lions neighbor, is a Packers Fan deep down inside!! GO! PACK GO!

The Packer Fan Archive