Mouse Must Feel Reggie's Wrath

Ok, so this is one of my cabinets that I keep some of my cooler Packer collectibles in and as you can see it is close to 7' high and mostly glass and the bottom is close to a foot high and a solid wood inclosure. In the bottom drawer there is some old Packer VHS tapes. So the other day I went to put another cool item I just brought into the cabinet and I noticed this......
A mouse some how got into my glass case, the doors were latched and shut. It is also close to a foot off the ground, to get to even unlock the glass door or to reach inside. But the bummer part was that he ate my Reggie White Bar! He ate the WHOLE bar and wrapper, he did not eat his face, and that is weird, if he would of started at the other end I would just throw it away. Then the little bastard took a dump next to the shredded wrapper. I guess the only funny part about that is, he left his super poop pellets on a carpet square that came from Brett Favre's house when they moved out of Green Bay.

I thought I would find a dead mouse in there, but he was nowhere to be found. I guess Reggie must of took care of that for me. I mean, I think this has some sort of divine intervention related to it, as I am struggling to figure out how this mouse can jump up a foot, and in mid-air unhook a glass door and swing it open, then enjoy a whole candy bar, when there were tons of other paper related items in there that it could of ate.

If anyone knows or has any theories on how this happened, please feel free to explain your ideas. I am kind of afraid to catch this mouse if it still alive, it might be Reggie White reincarnated.

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