Packers Preseason Week 1: Browns 27-Packers 17

The Packer Fan Game Day Synopsis:

We all know this is just the preseason and that these game really don't count when it comes to NFL standings or playoff seedings. But they do have a huge effect when it comes to players (veterans and rookies) and their talent evaluations by the coaching staff. So last nights loss at the Cleveland Browns was not that big of deal, unless you were looking at the areas of needed improvement for the Packers for this upcoming NFL season. 

Make no mistake, I am no coach. Although sometimes...heck who am I kidding...every game day, I pretend I am.  Realistically, I could never do the job. I would be going for it on 4th down every single time, just like I do on Madden. Sometimes it works, sometimes not so much. Either way, the outcome really has no effect on my life or my financial future. 

Watching last nights game and witnessing the Packers first loss since Week 15 (vs.Patriots), was a tough one to swallow, only because I think we are all riding this Super Bowl high and thinking that we (Packers) are invincible. And it's the Browns for God sakes. But I am saying this here, the Browns are going to be good one day. Cleveland's President Mike Holmgren knows how to coach and run a football team, and to think he still proudly wears his Packers Super Bowl ring.  Plus, Head Coach Pat Shurmur has some Green Bay Packers bloodline in him, his uncle was Fritz Shurmur. If Pat has Fritz's football smarts it's sure to increase his odds of winning in the NFL. Not to mention my buddy Brandon "Action" Jackson looking comfortable in the Browns backfield. QB Colt McCoy, WR/PR/KR Josh me they will only get better. 

So last night was a game that the young guys get to shine under the lights and camera's for a televised audience. Some did some, other's not so much. 

The first team looked solid, after getting the three and out jitters taken care of. Packers Super Bowl MVP Aaron Rodgers had a nice TD throw to Greg Jennings who went and got the ball high in the corner of the end zone. Surely, that combination will become a staple of the upcoming season. After that second series, Aaron and the rest of the starters switched from their helmets to the new cool Packers NFL sideline caps for the reminder of the game. Backup QB Matt Flynn took over and looked good, throwing for 11 of 18 and 126 yards and a TD. His two minute drive looked like the Packers could count on him, if they needed him this season, as he looked calm and poised. 

The Good: Rodgers, Jennings, Starks, Saine, Josh Gordy, R. Cobb, Shaky. And Havner with the tipped ball TD! 

The Bad: QB Graham Harrell. 3 fumbles. 1 INT. We can chalk these up to preseason mistakes, blocking assignments, missed routes, etc. But when you walk to the sidelines with a smirk on your face after these, it's not cool. Graham had better straighten his game out. He needs to come to the sideline throw his helmet down and tell the coach it was his fault and that he will make it right the next series out. Smiling, smirking is for throwing TD's. His job is not secure enough to do this quite yet. 

Twelve players did not play. Including Finely and Woodson. Clay had a brief appearance and then watched from the sidelines. 

So  Bring On The Cards at Lambeau next weekend and let's improve our game. No penalties, and No injuries. 
P.S. Let the talk this week be about the NO-CALL FACE MASK penalty on Aaron.

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