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My Viking Friends thoughts on Aaron Rodgers!

Unless QB Aaron Rodgers of the Pack gets hurt, nobody's beating the Pack for the division, and maybe the entire NFC. Right now, Rodgers is playing at a level of play, that I'm not sure that I've ever seen.....and I'm including...Tom Brady at his best....and Kurt Warner back in the "greatest show on turf days". Rodgers is simply playing out of his mind. Think of last year do you eplain a non-descript NFC 6-seed, with a crappy offensive line and a so/so defense and no running game running the table and winning the Super Bowl? It's simply because Rodgers is playing QB at a level that is the equivalent of the greatest who's ever played the game. I mean, he has a very nice plethora of weapons,...but just look where they catch his passes. It's in the bread basket time and time again, and it's just obvious he is sooooooooo in his prime. I wish to God that he played for the Titans or something, but it is what it is......


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