A Vikings Take On The Packers Win

Anyway, regarding the Vikes-Pack game, I had opined previously about Pack QB Aaron Rodgers, and if you had any doubt about his greatness, it was all on display today. He's simply the best player in the NFL right now, regardless of position, and it's not even close. Yes, he was playing against a pretty lousy Vikings team with their B-squad secondary going, but he is just playing out of his mind, and I will be surprised if he doesn't break the NFL record for QB rating in a season. He's THAT good. En-fuego~! I will be shocked if the Pack don't find themselves in the Super Bowl again this year, simply because of him. That being said, the Packers are not totally unbeatable. Their defense doesn't do a lot for me outside of a few players, they're not "shut-down" by any means, they can be scored on and whatnot. But what's weird is, I don't think the Packers really care?? Oh, you score 27 against us?....we'll score 33. You score 38 against us?....we'll score 45. With Rodgers playing at this level, unless you get mass pressure on him, they're going to be tough to beat.

Also, in all honesty, I had no realistic expectation of winning today's game, but just to give those guys a good sweat for 60 minutes.....priceless. They're a better team than we are, and I don't have to like it, but I can accept it. Rookie QB Christian Ponder's first NFL start gives me hope for the future. He was only 13 of 32, but those are misleading numbers. He throws a very nice ball, and his accuracy was a welcome addition to the offense. He didn't hit any of his receivers in the foot all day~! Good Grief! He threw a couple of picks to Charles Woodson, who made nice plays in undercutting the pass routes, but that's what Charles Woodson does. He's a future Hall-of-Famer. No shame there. I think in Ponder, we've definitely got a kid to work with, and if we can add some weapons to stud RB Adrian Peterson and WR Percy Harvin, I think we can get something cooking.

Speaking of "cooking"....will somebody please smack Vikings CB Chris Cook in the mouth,....repeatedly?? The Pack-Rodgers freak-show is coming to town and this idiot gets arrested Friday night for supposedly strangling his girlfriend, and misses the game,....potential felony charges pending. Genius. In fact, this clown is still sitting in jail. Note to Cook: Hey Stupid,...we've already seen the Pac-Man (former Titans CB Adam Jones) movie and it was awful,....nobody wants to see the sequel.

Sticking with the secondary, is it really too much to ask, that a defensive back make a play on the ball once in a while? Once in a while,...hell, I'll take once a month. I'm really not understanding how the receivers these guys are covering are open on EVERY PLAY. I was assuming that their job was to cover these people so they wouldn't be open. I must've assumed too much.....and made an ass.....out of you.....and me.........ah crap. Sure, at the end of a game some DB has 12 tackles. Looks nice on paper, but what good is that if those 12 tackles came after the guy you were covering just caught a 3rd down pass? It's asinine. Not to mention that our safeties just aren't very good. CB Cook actually has some talent, and if he could stay out of jail long enough, maybe we could slide currently injured CB Antoine Winfield to safety and get some sort of production from back there. UGH!

This just in: DE Jared Allen and RB Adrian Peterson are the best there is at their respective positions. Does anybody really want to get back into the "who's better, Adrian or Titans' RB Chris Johnson argument"? Really? Not remotely close.

I would like to add something about the Vikings "linebackers". Have they even been playing the last few weeks? Awful,...just awful. And they are being "coached" by former 49ers Head Coach, and Hall of Fame LB Mike Singletary??? I'm now convinced, that if the Vikings starting linebackers were myself, my Mom, and my brother, through 6 games the 3 of us would have made an equal number of plays as the guys we currently have on the field. GOOD GRIEF!

Vikings DT Kevin Williams, an absolute stud for years, has one sack in his last 28 games. That's brutal, and he's not even close to the player he used to be. - Mike Veiseth can be found this post-game drinking Coldies, chowing Hot Wingees, praying for and end to this dopey NBA lockout, and watching the World Series....game 4....go RANGERS!

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