The Packers Scream..."The Bucs Stop Here!" Perfect Yet At 10-0 After Winning 35-26

The Packers’ defense had trouble stopping quarterback Josh Freeman and tackling running back LeGarrette Blount, giving Coach McCarthy plenty of mistakes to point out going into what will be a much-hyped matchup with the Lions on Thanksgiving.

Aaron Rodgers missed a few more throws than he usually does, and even threw an interception with the game still in doubt. Aaron was frustrated and it showed. For a while it really looked like a game of NFL football follies highlights. Tim Masthay muffed punt and fumble and then recovery for a first down, would have had Coach Lombardi screaming, “What the hell is going on out there!” B.J Raji also scored the Packers first points of the game against the Bucs. “That’s a D-lineman’s dream,” Raji said. “Because you do so much that goes unnoticed, and for you to get a touchdown, especially like I got it in the first drive of the game when it was kind of unexpected. I was actually sitting on my side of the bench just getting ready to go back in. And they called my number, and I’m glad I held onto the ball.” “I wouldn’t want to tackle him,” McCarthy said. Jordy Nelson had a big day catching 6 passes for 123 yards and 2 TD’s. TE Tom Crabtree caught his first NFL regular season TD. And RB James Starks had 11 carries for 38 yards, and had an knee injury later in the game.

Hopefully, the Packers will not have to relive a moment like LeGarrette Blount’s on Sunday. His bruising 54-yard touchdown run in the second quarter, .48 seconds after the Packers had taken a two-touchdown lead, where Blount broke at least six tackles on that play. Ouch, that was embarrassing tackling.

It was an ugly win, but that is much better than a pretty loss.

The Packers have three days to apply ice and heat to aching body parts, address and fix the mistakes they made in an uneven performance Sunday and prepare for a division opponent on the road on Thanksgiving. The Green Bay Packers will play their third game in 11 days when they travel to Detroit to face the Lions at 11:30 a.m. Thursday. A victory would all but wrap up the NFC North for the Packers, who improved to 10-0 with a 35-26 victory over Tampa Bay at Lambeau Field. But Detroit (7-3) is still hanging around after beating Carolina, 49-35.

Furthermore, the Lions seem to match up well with the Packers and split with them in 2010, losing, 28-26, at Lambeau Field on Oct. 3 and winning, 7-3, in Detroit on Dec. 12.

"Those guys are home and can potentially knock us off in front of a national (TV) audience," said Packers defensive tackle B.J. Raji. "They will be pretty jacked up. They’re probably going to be confident. They beat us last year at home, and they almost beat us here. "They believe they can win. It’s our job to convince them they can’t."

The Packers now face the dreaded "short week" of preparation. They have three days to correct the mistakes they made against the Buccaneers, install the game plan for Detroit and get their bodies ready for another 60 minutes of physical punishment. "It can be really difficult physically and mentally, but I think the Lions are going on the same schedule," said safety Charlie Peprah. "We’ll be all right. We’re professionals."

The Packers might have to play without running back James Starks, who suffered that sprained right knee in the fourth quarter. Other players won’t have much time to get over minor injuries and general soreness. Linebacker Clay Matthews suffered a stinger but said he would be ready to go Thursday. Guard T.J. Lang said the quick turnaround would be more difficult on older players physically and tougher on younger players mentally. The unbeaten Packers are not without some concerns on both sides of the ball.

"I think it was great for us," McCarthy said. "Adversity is awesome. We're getting ready to play a big game on national TV on Thanksgiving, and adversity (offers) healthy situations to learn from. Especially when you overcome it."

We Shall Overcome Packer Fans! Hopefully at least those entire silly mistakes.

GO! PACK GO! Beat Those Kittens 11-0!

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