NFL: Refs missed penalty in controversial play, but Seattle victory stands over my beloved Packers 14-12

This image will be forever ingrained in Packer Fans lives.
Ok, first off this Monday Football game should of never came down to a #FailMary. Aaron being sacked 8 times in the first half was a shameful performance by the Packers offensive line, and the flag fest that ended up having 24 of them for 224 yards is just terrible. But to have the NFL replacement refs, have so many bad  calls is just insane. There should of been no roughing the passer by Walden, and the Packers should of took over after the INT on that play. Secondly, their should of been pass interferance on Sidney Rice on Shields. WORST OFFICIATED NFL GAME EVER!! Then at the end of the game and the #FailMary, there should of been pass interference on Golden Tate, who looks a little more like "Brass" Tate today. He told the reporters he didn't know what they were talking about? Look at the replay you arrogant  piece of work! 

Well my beloved Packers are 1-2, and by no means are we dead in the water, but we need to win at home against the Saints, in a match up that is sure to be a "who got robbed of the most goods" game on Sunday. It was nice to see that the whole country saw this debacle and it will be in the history books so my kids can see how not to ref a NFL game. 

So until next week, we must move on and IMPROVE the OFFENSIVE LINE! And I think I will take a break from all the replays that are making me more depressed and enjoy this cool Autumn air! 

As Always…GO! PACK GO!

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