Packers Lose Season Opener To 49ers 30-22

Well, it's good to be back! I am here for another round of my personal updates through out the Packers football season. Just a small reminder...I am no professional sports writer, per se, but more of a Packer Fan who likes to keep a journal of the game, and to throw my own two cents into what happened. So with that being said. First off, let me say that these PT referees are doing the NFL and the game some serious injustice. I am not a guy to knock you down for doing a job, but if you are not qualified to run the forklift, then I am not putting you on the docks to load the trucks. Blown calls, no calls at all, indecisions, and just slowing down the game overall. I pray that the union can work this out and get the regular squad back on the field before they cost a team a potential loss. Lambeau Field is such a beautiful place, and it looked even better with all the 70,523 fans decked out in Green and Gold G-Force shirts. The Packers seemed to me that they just did not have any fire in their eyes for most of the game. Not until Randall Cobb's 75 yard return for a TD, did they seem to step up and realize that they are a good team and could beat the Niners. I watched some interesting calls happen, 3rd and 1 and go for the deep bomb? That happened like three times. Go and get the first down, then take your shots. Although, I am a pro at this same thing in Madden, I NEVER punt, haha. Our defense looked sketchy at best, for their first big test. Clay and Charles seemed to take the lead and put the team on their shoulders and they were trying to make some things happen, and both had a solid game in my book. Our run defense needs to stop allowing 100 yard rushers, like we are giving kids candy at Halloween. I hope that we start gelling and have a run stuffing defense soon. Talking about the run. We don't have a running game. Cedric Benson gaining just 18 yards on nine carries? Come On Man! I truly hope that Cedric takes all his anger and disappointment out on his former team on Thursday night against the Bears. I hope that Starks, Green or even my grandma can put a few more yards up during the season. Seriously, call her, she makes around 5 trips to the wood pile to her house covering at least 60 yards. Rodgers' attempt at a fourth-quarter rally fell short. Aaron finished 30 of 44 for 303 yards with two touchdowns and an interception. I think he needed a Red Bull and a good bowl movement. There was no smiles, no fist pumping, and no look of "I Am The MVP". He did thorw a couple of TD's. One to Jermichael Finley for a 1-yard touchdown, and another to James Jones. My hero of the day was Randall Cobb. Randall had a big day, returning a punt 75 yards to begin the Packers' attempt at a fourth-quarter comeback and catching 9 passes for 77 yards. Although, realistically, that return should of not been a TD, but the PT refs don't know what a block in the back looks grandma does. So with our first loss check marked in the column, I am hoping that Thursday night, the Packers ship rights itself and we get back to our winning ways. Packer Fans around the world have been spoiled, we have not lost much in a few years and when we do, people actually grieve, and freak out. I am not one of those fans. I have seen the Anthony Dilweg years, and I don't want to relive those, I got all my crying out back then. So here's to another great year for the Packers and all the amazing fans from around the world. We will be just fine. Remember being 10-6 and winning the Super Bowl. Smile, Breath and Have Fun Cheering! GO! PACK GO! Timmy The Packer Fan.

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