Packers Lose Regular Season Game Against The MN Adrian Petersons 37-34! Grunge Match This Saturday Night At Lambeau Field.

Good: Greg Jennings for getting back into the TD groove. Jordy Nelson, aka White Lighting for getting back on the field again and especially for his smart thinking of picking up Coach McCarthy's red challenge flag and trying to hide it, classic. RB DuJuan Harris for running like a mad man, I really like this kid. Aaron Rodgers for his temper, and getting the team fired up and wanting to perform. Clay Matthews for being a stud and chasing down the Ponder monster. B.J. Raji for being the only DL that could seem to tackle AP. Crosby for actually making a couple of solid kicks, CONGRATS! Also not letting AP get the rushing record on us, was a bonus. That would have been a tough pill to swallow, for many years to come from those goofy Viking fans. Boo: Tackling, Tackling, Tackling. Breaking down of the secondary during the final quarter and last drive. Did I mention the poor tackling? Good Lord! I know it's hard to wrap AP up and bring him down, but he had moves like Jagger out there, with the cut backs, stop and goes. He made us look silly. Here's to the rematch on Saturday night against those same Vikes at Lambeau Field and getting a victory and advancing in the playoffs. And As Always..GO! PACK GO!

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