Packer Win Wild Card Game Against Vikings 24-10. Advance To Play San Francisco Saturday Night.

The Vikes capped off their season with a resounding clunker up in Lambeau didn't they? We had so much fun watching this game. Good Times, Good Times! What an AWESOME performance. With Christian Ponder out, backup QB Joe Webb came in and played very poorly. A few runs here and there, but horribly inaccurate passing the ball, he overthrew everybody by 5 yards, or tossed grounders at people. Haha...The Pack kept Adrian bottled up and under a hundred yards, AMAZING!! Penalties killed the Vikes momentum, with Williams lining up in the neutral zone on a 3rd and short play gave the Pack an automatic 1st down and they eventually put up 7 on that drive. Then their boneheaded 12-men in the huddle penalty while GB was going to kick a field goal gave the Pack another 1st down and they scored another 7. Ballgame. Pretty easy really. So all I am going to say about this game is this…. AWESOME: The whole Packers TEAM, on BOTH sides of the ball! BAD: Nothing. Absolutely Nothing! See Next Weekend in San Francisco! GO! PACK GO!

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