Packers finish season 12-6 and head home for the season after losing to the 49ers 31-45 in Divisional Playoff.

"It's tough," Raji said. "We play for the Packers. We have one goal, and that's to play for the Super Bowl. We don't lose often. When we lose, especially like this, it's painful. But that's life. All you can do is come back next year and try to reach our goal again." The Packers will have to drastically improve their run defense this off-season, as everyone knows we can't even stop my grandma in her squeaky wheel chair. It was a rough game to watch. Turnovers, are the death of any team. And my goat was Tramon who was playing the whole game with his back to the receivers and could not cover anyone. And we could not get Clay to leave any grass stains on Kaepernick jersey and that was pretty much the end of a long and great season. I guess I am still stinging a little from that terrible loss. It is so heartbreaking when you know you have a talented team, and when BIG games come into the picture, we just choke and fall apart! I also might be at a loss for words this morning, or words I maybe don't want to say…UGH!! I can say that I LOVE my beloved Packers, win, lose or tie. They bring so much happiness to our family, it brings all of us together for cheers, high fives, smiles, hugs, great food and good times. So with that I say Thank You to everyone who follows me and enjoys the Packers just as much or hopefully even more than me! So during this off-season, when there better be some shake ups and solid draft picks, and or FA signings, I hope everyone enjoys this time away from football to improve yourself and make the world a better place for all of us to live. HAVE A GREAT OFF-SEASON AND AS ALWAYS GO! PACK GO!

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