Oklahoma boy asks 32 NFL teams who to root for; 2 respond (w/video)

Packer Fans/Owners,

Attached is the letter I sent to the young man featured in the stories below. He has only heard from 2 owners, Panthers and 49ers, and one PR person, the Chiefs.
The Packers have 360,584 owners and millions of fans, no reason we couldn't inundate him with invitations to root for the Pack. I would love it if we could flood him with invites to become a fan…
A brief email asking him to join us or your story of being a fan and why he should be one too. Write as little or as much as you would like.

Send your invite to Cade c/o TheLostOgle@gmail.com. If you want to use snail mail or send him some Packer Gear, send to: Cade Pope c/o The Lost Ogle, 2312 NW 47th, Oklahoma City, OK  73112

Dear Cade,

Today I came across the story of your desire to find a NFL team to cheer for. As an owner of the Green Bay Packers I was a little concerned that I had not seen your letter, however, I am only one of roughly 360,000 owners of the Packers. Unlike any other team in the NFL, we the fans, own the team. In fact, there are no other professional sports teams that are owned by the people the way the Packers are. You may not know this, but, Since the Green Bay Packers joined the National Football League in 1921, they've been one of the most successful franchises around. They've won 11 NFL Championships and four Super Bowls over that time span.

The Packers currently have 21 members of the Hall of Fame; only one other team has more. And, I am sure you can name at least 2 others that will be added to that list (Hint: they are both Quarterbacks).

We are the team of Aaron Rodgers, Brett Favre, Bart Starr and many other amazing past and present players. I have been a Packer fan for 52 years; have had season tickets for 50 years and an owner since 1997. Now we have had our ups and downs as a team some years good, some bad and some incredible and during all those years one thing has remained constant;The fans are great.

"Attempting to name which team has the best fans in the NFL is no easy task, because every fan thinks his or her favorite team has the best fans. However, this debate isn't about feelings, it is about facts. When you lay out all of the facts for all 32 franchises in the NFL, the only team that comes out on top time and time again is the Green Bay Packers".

The current waiting list for the Green Bay Packers has around 96,000 people on it. The only reason that fans get on the waiting list is so they can hand down their spot on the list to their children's children in their wills. All those fans waiting to get in and there are other teams who don't even fill their stadium. Our Fans are everywhere, you can go anywhere in this country and many places around the World and if you are wearing Green & Gold you are sure to be greeted with a big smile and hearty "GoPack". In August of last year, Forbes Magazine rated Green Bay Packer's fans #1. When last I checked, The Packers had 4.4 million Facebook fans and 701,000 Twitter followers. At last count there were 800 "Packer Bars" across the United States and that doesn't count the 200 or so in Wisconsin. By the way, you will have to wait a few years to go to those unless your folks take you. "Where is Green Bay? It's where the Packers play. That's all you need to know." There is so much more I can tell you about Green Bay, the Packers, the fans and of course Lambeau Field. Lambeau Field currently seats 80,735 and is the longest continually occupied NFL Stadium at 58 years and counting. "If you are an NFL fan, regardless of team, your life is not complete until you make a trip to Lambeau Field to see the Green Bay Packers play ANYBODY... If you can, tailgate to complete the experience part of the experience is seeing just how much this town is completely behind their team-real classy fans, too. Do it!" There's not a bad seat in the house and "Go Pack Go" cheers can be heard throughout the game. We have the Lambeau Leap which was started in 1993 when Safety LeRoy Butler returned a fumble recovery for a touchdown. He then ran to the stands and jumped into the waiting arms of the greatest fans in the NFL.

Cade, as I said there is so much more I can tell you. As a Packer fan you will always be part of a very special family and an incredible legacy. On behalf of my 360,583 fellow co-owners, I would like to formally invite you to be a Packer's fan.

Stig L. Rahm
Lodi, WI (140 Miles Southwest of Lambeau Field)

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